How Well Are You Managing your Business?



Are you finding it difficult to grow your business, because you don’t have enough business knowledge or experience, and you lack management skills?  Are you too busy working INthe business, that you don’t have enough time to work ON the business?

Have you considered a business coach
to help steer your business to new heights?

A business owner or manager, needs to be competent in many areas of business practice, including, being a visionary; a sales person; a marketer; an accountant; a staff trainer, an administrator and a manager. Even if you do have all  these skills, you probably don’t have enough time to concentrate on all of these important issues, as you are too busy working in the business yourself!

Barry Spanger can help you!

I am a business coach and mentor in Melbourne and have had many years of experienceat running my own successful businesses, as well as working with business owners and managers, just like you. I understand the isolation that you sometimes feel, and your need to have someone to just listen to your problems, to offer you some perspective, and then to assist you in creating and implementing some suitable solutions.

I can coach you to develop and implement strategies to improve and grow your business, and also guide you in using your time more wisely. With my coaching, you will learn the necessary business knowledge and management disciplines to help you improve your sales,as well as train and motivate your staff for improved performance. I will also help you to set up easy systems which will help you to monitor your business’ financial performance.

I offer a wide range of business coaching services (see list below) that can help you to improve your management skills and to help you to achieve significant business growth. Contact your local Melbourne business coach now for a no obligation chat.
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