Where is Your Business Going?

Are you setting up a new business, and need to present a formal business to your bankers or partners?

Are you trying to grow your existing business, without a plan on exactly how you will do it?  Do you understand what your current business situation is, where you want to get it to, and what you need to do to achieve your goals?

You need a written Business Plan

An up to date Business Plan can help you set the Organisational and Financial goals of where you want to take the business in the future, and it will also include a list of actions that you will need to undertake to achieve the goals of the business.

A Business Plan will help you to efficiently allocate the amount of time and capital you need to achieve your goals, determine who will be responsible for completing the tasks, and set targets for completing the tasks.

Your bankers and partners will have greater confidence in you, by seeing your plans to grow and finance your business, and how you will manage the business successfully.



Are you spending your time and cash wisely?

Are there enough hours during the day to attend to everything that you need to do?

Do you suffer from a shortage of money and resources which holds you back from achieving your business goals?

Like planning a journey using a roadmap, you need to plan your time and financial resource allocation, so that you can concentrate on growing and managing your business in the most efficient and profitable way.


I can help you!

I can help you to develop your Business Plan that will help you in managing and growing your business, while making best use of your time and your money. This process will help you to understand what you want to achieve, and where you want to take your business.

Business Analysis -  I will undertake an analysis of all aspects of your business, the Market in which you operate and the potential growth opportunities available.

Systems Review -  I can help you to review all your current management and operating systems and processes including; sales & marketing; financial management, operations, staff recruitment & training.

Marketing Review - I will review all aspects of your marketing program, including Direct Sales, Online Marketing, Advertising, and then help you to develop strategies to increase your sales.

Implementation & Coaching - I will assist you to implement your action plan, as well as coach you and your staff towards improving the quality of your service and your company.



Start  planning the future growth of your business


Find out more by contacting Barry Spanger, on 0409 455 446 or via the online contact form.