How ClientEdge can help you

Running a business can be challenging at times. While you may be in business for yourself that doesn’t mean you must do it alone. Building a successful company requires skills, knowledge, and guidance from people both inside and outside the company.

  • We can provide advice to start-ups regarding investors, employees, and regulations. If you’re an established company, we can help you manage client expectations, relationships with partners and strategies to keep your employees engaged.

  • All types of businesses can benefit from our coaching. According to the Australian Institute of Management, 70% of its members hire coaches. Similarly, to why athletes use coaches, businesses managers can benefit from coaching to improve their skills and guide them through important decisions.

  • Whether you’re a freelancer, start-up company or an established firm with many employees, you can benefit from investing in some business coaching.

 How business coaching can help you


Maximising your productivity

Are you working long hours but you’re still not getting all your work completed? I can show you how to analyse your productivity, which can help you to make better use of your time.

Developing business & marketing plans

I can help you to brainstorm your business and marketing ideas to formalise into a professional plan for a blueprint for the future, and action plans that you can follow to achieve your goals.

Increasing your sales & profits

I can provide some realistic expectations of your financial situation and can offer strategies to implement ongoing improvement to your sales efforts.

Identifying where to invest your time and CAPITAL WISELY

Many businesses waste money investing in the wrong type of marketing or growth strategies. I will help you to identify where to use your efforts to achieve the best possible marketing results. 

Helping you to focus on what you do best

Many business owners go into business for themselves because they’re passionate and talented in one particular aspect of the business. I will help you to focus on what you do best and show you how you can invest in employees or contractors who can fill in the gaps.

Improving your financial efficiency

Cash flow is vital for every business, and for a healthy cash flow. There are strategies that we can implement to improve efficiency and profitability, including:

  • Setting your budgets: Identifying your sales & expense budget so you can stay on track with your cash flow.
  • Tracking your spending: If you don’t track what you’re spending, how can you control your cash flow?
  • Using credit wisely: Credit is a necessary part of business, and I can help you to understand the distinction between good and bad debt.
  • Improving your financial management: Even if you have an accountant, it’s important for you to understand the fundamentals of money and financial management. I can help you to set up reporting systems that will assist you in easily understanding the financial situation in your business.
  • Having a vision of the future: How your cash flow could be affected? I will show you how to analyse your operating cash flow which help you to keep track of money going in and out of your business while you develop your business vision. 

Improving your relationships with employees, and customers

Your company can’t function without employees, and customers and suppliers. I will help you to ensure that you’re looking after your greatest assets by improving communication and collaboration with all of them.

 Implementing team training & skill development

It is important that you keep your employees happy by investing in their growth and education. I will help to set up a program, so that you can invest in the right development training for your staff.

 Offering an impartial voice

I can provide you with a high level of governance for your businesses - an outside view, an impartial and dispassionate voice and someone to offer some long-term direction.


Now is the time to improve your business efficiency and your profits

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