Are Your Sales Too Low?

You have a good range of products; the supply lines are well established: you have set some competitive sales prices; you have trained your sales team; you have set sales targets - but your sales results are below your expectations. Does this sound familiar?


How Efficient is your Sales Staff?

If you are relying on sales staff to increase your sales, are you sure that they are as productive as you would like them to be? How effective are they when trying to sell your products to your customers?

You are probably the best sales person in the business, but you can’t do the job as you are too busy looking after a hundred other tasks in the business.


How Efficient is your Sales Management Process?

Lack of Sales Structure?

Often, the reason for lack of sales is the lack of a structure or effective processes to measure and monitor your sales effort. While financial sales targets are important, they can only be achieved if key behaviors are undertaken in a regular and disciplined way. 

Lack of Behavior Targets

A sales team needs to be given specific behavioral targets in order to achieve the desired sales and financial outcomes of an organisation.

By monitoring these targets closely, you can ensure that your sales staff is operating at its full potential, and that your customers are being serviced efficiently.


How my business coaching can help you

I can help you to set up an effective sales management plan, that will assist you in monitoring the efforts and productivity of your sales people.

We can then establish a range of specific tasks, behaviors and targets that will need to be followed by the sales staff, as well as a process of measuring their progress. Some of these could include:

  • Staff Sales Meetings: Setting up regular group sales meetings where reports are circulated, and weekly activity targets are set, and discussions held on how to improve contacts with customers.
  • Monitoring Staff Productivity:  Monitoring the number of weekly phone calls and sales visits to clients and prospects and the numbers of cross, or up-sells.
  • Meetings with individual sales team members, in order to drive their activities, monitor their key behaviours. and provide individual coaching.

By establishing a sales monitoring system in your business, I will help you to ensure that your sales effort is being professionally managed. This will also allow you more time to work on other aspects of managing your business.

Lets talk more about how I can help you to  increase your sales.

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