Running your Business or Ruining your Business?

Are you finding it tough to manage or grow your business, because you don’t have enough business knowledge and experience, or you lack some basic management skills? 

Are you too busy working IN the business, that you don’t have enough time to work ON the business? 

  • Do you find that you don’t have enough hours in the day to do the jobs you need to do?

  • Are you battling to increase your sales, and find you are being beaten by your competitors?

  • Are your profits down and you are struggling with your cash flow?

  • Do you feel that your staff are not performing to your expectations

I know how you are feeling!

I have built up my own successful businesses over the last 40 years, and having experienced most of these challenges, I know how you may be feeling- because I have walked in your shoes.

Over my many years in business, I learnt that to become a successful business owner or manager I needed to be competent in many different areas of business, including; sales, marketing; financial control, staff management, as well as business administration.  

The problem I discovered was that even if you do have some or all of these skills, you probably don’t have enough time to concentrate on many of the important issues, as you are too busy working in the business yourself! One of the major reasons for my business success was that I learnt how to apportion my time and my business skills, so that I achieved the best outcome.

 I can help you to improve your Management Skills

I am a business coach in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne, and I have over 40 years of experience at creating and operating my own successful businesses (see my history).

Over the last 12 years, I have been coaching and mentoring business owners and managers, just like you, sharing with them my vast business knowledge and experience, and helping them to overcome their difficulties and to expand their businesses.

 Managing a business can be a lonely experience!

Who can you turn to discuss your business problems and challenges? Your Life Partner? Your Accountant? Your Lawyer? Your friends?  What do they really know about actually running their own business, or what do they really know about your business? 

Surely it makes sense to talk to someone who has already experienced what you are challenged with, who has overcome all major business difficulties, and someone who has succeeded in operating and growing numerous profitable and successful business ventures?

I understand the isolation that you sometimes feel in managing your business, and your need to have someone to listen to your problems, to offer you some perspective, and then to assist you in creating and implementing suitable solutions to firstly solving the problems, and then improving your business.

 I really can help you to improve your business!

I offer a wide range of business coaching services that can help you to improve your management skills and assist you to achieve significant business growth (see Services).

I can lead you in developing and implementing a Business Plan that will help you to improve and grow your business.  

I will teach you the necessary business knowledge and management disciplines that will help you with: 

  • Sales and profitability

  • Financial management,

  • Staff training and motivation to improve their performance.

  • Manage your time wisely

I will also show you how to set up easy to use monitoring systems which will help you to keep track of your business’ financial and sales performance, so that you can concentrate on growing your business and improving your profits. 

 Let’s have a chat!

Watch our video below - "How to Grow Your Business", and learn more about what you can do to grow and improve your business, and how I can help you to do so.

Then give me a call so that I can tell you more about my services and how I can assist you to on the path to business success.

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