Some Quick Ideas to Improve your Customer Service & Marketing

By focusing on key fundamentals in Customer Service and Marketing, you can significantly improve the performance of your business, as well as increase customer loyalty and sales.

We have listed some basic business ideas, that are often overlooked by managers, resulting in customer loyalty not being optimised and the business failing to perform to expectations.

If you are serious about improving your business why not review all the items listed, then develop action plans to progressively bring about change.

Respond promptly
Ensure everyone in the business shows that they are willing and prepared to assist clients promptly.

The company’s image is critical
Make sure the offices, brochures, newsletters,  and employee presentations are pleasing and appropriate.

Deliver on your promises
Always demonstrate the ability to perform the agreed service; as promised, dependably and consistently.

Understand the needs and expectations of potential customers
Then work out the best way to convert this into sales.

Develop great client relationships
Provide individual attention and understanding of the client’s specific needs.

Research your customers
So you know what they want, how you can offer them great benefits,  and what will prompt them to do business with you!.

Treat complaints promptly and with respect
Take the problem from the client and give them a solution.

Know what marketing works for your business.
Don’t be persuaded by someone whose business it is to sell advertising space or time.

Let customers know that you appreciate their business
Verbally or with loyalty programs.

Maintain a database.
To track sales trends, buying habits and customer management changes that might result in new opportunities emerging with inactive accounts.

Talk to your clients when there is NOT a problem and ask
“If you could change one thing about this business, what would it be?”

Have an in-depth understanding of your customers
This should reveal the most likely sources of growth.

Word of mouth – capitalise on it
Recognise customers who refer business with a “thank you”, incentive or discount.

Pool marketing resources
through strategic alliances, where possible.

Understanding your customers
and what they want. This should give an early warning if they are becoming tired of your product or service.

Why spend heavily on advertising
when building and gaining credibility is more important?

It’s no use assuming the customer is happy
Complacency loses business.

Current clients are worth 8 times more than a new client
and are the most valuable asset of the business generating the income stream.

Treat each customer like a new one
Find ways to re-engage them and keep the relationship alive.

Repeat clients are your key to profitability
The greatest ‘leverage’ for any business can be in the area of retention of clients, or increasing the transaction frequency or average dollar spend

Look for and listen to complaints
They are your opportunity for improvement. 96% of customers don’t complain, they walk!

Keep your existing clients
by building walls around them, and get them to spend more, more often.

The service experience
This determines where customers go.

Your probability of making a sale?
To a new client 1 in 16, a current client 1 in 2!

Be customer focused!
Every action should be shaped by a relentless commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations on product and service quality.

Find out what your customers want
Not just your product or service, but also the delivery of your offer, and, if necessary, make changes.

Revenue is made and lost every day
Not on price or performance, but by the quality of the customer experience!

Have a point of difference
from competitors that you can articulate and that is important to your clients.

Excellent professional businesses offer “remarkable” professional services
You need to understand what makes you “remarkable” in the eyes of your clients

Successful businesses don’t just happen
Objectives are set and actions are developed and executed!