A Strategy to Grow Your Market Share?

Do you know exactly who your customers are, so that you can plan exactly how you are going to attract their attention?

Can you describe your customers in clear definable terms, or do you see your market as “anyone out there”?
To grow your business, improve your profitability and win a greater share of your chosen markets you need a well planned marketing strategy.

Is your Marketing Strategy focussed?

When you started your business you probably had a clear idea as to the type of customer you wanted, however over time have you might have compromised your ideas by offering discounts, and deals with customers who were not prepared to pay a fair value, and place little value on the quality service that you provide?  Are you now chasing those kind of sales – regardless of profit?

Build your marketing strategy around profitability – not just sales

Do you spend too much time and resources chasing new customers, when you could concentrate on offering additional services or products to your existing profitable customers?  Less profitable customers can take up too much of your time and resources, whereas sometimes, fewer, but more profitable customers, will ensure that you can manage your resources better. This will allow you to concentrate on expanding your business into the most profitable market segments.

Are you talking Features or Benefits to your Customers?

Does your advertising, websites and promotional material concentrate more on the features of your business and your products, than how the product and service can benefit the customer? When a customer considers doing business with you, they essentially want to know, “what’s in it for me”. When they decide to buy from you, the actual product or service that you offer is simply a means to an end for them.

We can analyse your existing website and promotional material to determine if they are focussing on the customer’s needs and on solving their problems, and how this might impact on their buying decision.

A Marketing Plan

I can assist you in creating and implementing a Marketing Plan, that will permit you to focus your resources on the type of customers that is going to grow your business and your profits.

Contact us so that we can show you how by improving your marketing strategy, you can increase your sales.

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