Dream or Nightmare?

Is your dream business turning into a frightening, real-life nightmare?

Are your operating costs spiralling out of control, or are you losing  customers to the competition?

Is staff productivity poor?

Are you experiencing a high turnover of staff?

Have you been spending money on promotions and advertising without seeing any real benefits?

Are you short of cash and low on profits?


Don’t waste your time and money on quick-fix schemes

Very little is achieved from panic based strategies – in  fact, they usually make matters much worse!  It is pointless to blindly throw money at a problem, unless you can understand exactly what the problem really is. 

        Some of these common panic actions include:
– Increasing or reducing your staff numbers without any real benefits
– Increasing your advertising spend without determining the real reason for the lack of sales
– Reducing your expenses without considering the other negative effects on your business

   Effective solutions are based on facts
Basing decisions and urgent actions on “gut feelings” generally results in disappointment, not success! Smart, effective solutions to business problems should be based on evidence and facts…not intuition, or wild hunches.  Self-diagnosing your own business’s weaknesses and attempting to fix them with crash programs, without you understanding the real reason for the under-performance or lack of success, generally is not effective.

It's time to get a dispassionate view from someone not involved in the day-to-day running of the business, in order to help you to re-focus your efforts, and implement workable solutions!

You Need a Business Strategy Review

I will review your current business strategy, to ensure that it is correctly aligned with your business systems, and procedures.  These will include:

Sales, marketing, and customer relationships

Your marketing & brand strategy

Staff performance, recruitment and selection processes

Financial management and resource allocation

Your operational processes and systems

Manufacturing or product procurement procedures

After a thorough assessment of your business goals and performance,  I will help you to develop and implement a customised action plan to get your business back on track.

Lets chat!

Contact Barry Spanger to find out more about our ClientEdge Business Strategy Review , and how he can help you to turn your nightmare back into a successful and profitable business.