If you’re not getting the results you need, it’s probably time for you to stop listening to your ego, your spouse and your friends, and start listening to a few objective words of wisdom and experience from a business coach.

Objective Words of Wisdom

I can offer you an outsider’s perspective, an honest dispassionate appraisal of where your business is right now. From the outset, you’ll receive an honest summation, based on what  I see ... not on what you want to hear. My role is to tell it like it is, and then to help you to implement changes that will lead to greater growth and profits.

Working ON your Business

I can analyse performance in all areas, and provide you with a report on the current state of your business, as well as a plan to improve and grow.  In addition, I can set up new management systems, and  provide on-going business coaching to you and your staff,  that will  help your business to survive, and prosper.

I can train both you and your employees to help you to achieve higher standards, and show you how to allocate your time and money in the most effective way. My role is to show you how to work ON your business, while you are also working IN your business!

Are you concentrating on aspects of your business that you enjoy doing, to the detriment of more important matters? It is difficult for a business owner, working hard on the day to day running of their company, and to cover all bases effectively. I have both experience and expertise in all areas of business including sales, marketing, financial management, staff training and selection, planning and forecasting, time management, technology implementation and operations.

I have assisted many business owners and managers in improving their skills, and growing their businesses, and can do the same for you.

Are you sensible enough to allow someone else to look at  your business, suggest how things could be done better, and then assist you in implementing some meaningful changes that can improve your performance and your profits?

Contact Barry Spanger  to talk about how I can coach you to achieve a more efficiently managed and profitable business.